Prince Philip Tribute

26th April 2021 Justin Robinson 0

The revelation that Prince Philip’s death, at the age of ninety-nine after heart surgery and a lengthy time in hospital, still came as a shock […]

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Maundy Money

Maundy Money

1st April 2021 Justin Robinson 0

Traditionally, every Maundy Thursday Her Majesty the Queen distributes small leather purses to a  small select group of men and women.  Inside the purses are […]

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Being shot down

9th November 2020 Hannah Lewis 0

My Dad, F/S John Davies Jones 573430 left his POW diary when he passed away 3 years ago for us to read. He had not […]

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Remembrance memories

9th November 2020 Hannah Lewis 0

Our Unknown Story involves a whole family of brave men who lived on the bravest little street in England, Chapel Street in Altrincham. Seven brothers, […]

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A remembrance to my father

6th November 2020 Hannah Lewis 1

A remembrance to my father Gdsm Gareth Griffiths of the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards affectionately known to his WG muckers as Griff22 or Biffo.  Gareth […]

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The Irish Legend of “Stingy Jack”

27th October 2020 Hannah Lewis 0

One dark night, miserable silver-tongued Jack, who was full of mischief and trickery, ran into the Devil himself! The Devil told Jack that he had come for his soul, for all his evil deeds he […]

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US Coins of the Civil War $1 & $2.5

18th October 2020 Hannah Lewis 0

During the latter years of the eighteenth century, the thirteen original colonies of North America united, severing their political connections to Great Britain and famously […]

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