The British Coin that attracted the masses at a U.S Auction.

Outstanding British Gold coin sells for phenomenal amount at auction

Every once in a while, a coin will go to auction and find itself propelled into the numismatic spotlight. Sometimes a coin is admired by collectors for its condition, beauty of its design, or for its rarity. But not often do you find a coin that encompasses all three.

That was, until this week when a fantastic example of “immaculate design, impeccable production quality and sublime preservation” entered the auction at Heritage Auctions, in the United States.

The 1839 Una and the Lion Quintuple Sovereign

Considered “one of the most beautiful” coins ever produced, the 1839 Quintuple Sovereign featuring William Wyon’s exquisite rendition of Una and the Lion was estimated to make around £160,000 ($204,330) once bidding commenced.

Just a few hundred £5 Gold coins were ever struck in 1839 to commemorate the beginning of Queen Victoria’s reign, depicting a stunning example of her ‘young head’ portrait, the first of four bust portraits that would grace her coinage throughout her 63 year reign.

On 7th January 2019, the final gavel fell after two days of bidding. The 1839 Una and the Lion Quintuple Sovereign exceeded all expectations, realising an extraordinary £206,949 ($264,000)! A sensational buy for one lucky collector!


    • Hi Isabel, thanks for your comment, for me to be able to help you please can you confirm which Una & The Lion coin you would like to purchase? Many thanks Sarah, The London Mint Office

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