We want to find collector families – could this be you?

A new national survey conducted by The London Mint Office has found that grandparents across the UK are growing apart from their grandchildren, as technology continues to isolate older generations in the digital age.

Grandparents are finding it increasingly difficult to share hobbies with their ‘Generation Z’ grandchildren, whose hobbies centre heavily around their smartphones and social media.

94 per cent of grandparents in the UK say they think shared hobbies allow them to develop a closer bond with their grandchildren.

Findings from the survey revealed that technology played a critical role in creating a divide between different generations and the hobbies they enjoy.

More than 85 per cent of respondents felt that young people spent too much time in front of screens, and nearly three-quarters of respondents also believed that young people spent too much time browsing the internet.

Just 40 per cent of people responding to the survey felt that young people took part in enough ‘physical’ hobbies, which includes those that are enjoyed outdoors or don’t involve digital technology.

The survey results also highlighted how technology is changing the definition of hobbies between different generations, with older people less likely to consider ‘digital’ activities to be classed as a hobby.

Now, The London Mint Office is launching a nationwide search to help close the generational hobby gap. We’re on the search for coin collecting duos up and down the country, whose passions for coin collecting has helped to bring generations together.

Daniel Penney, Managing Director of The London Mint Office, says:

“With the generational hobby gap weakening the bond between young and old, we want to raise awareness of the importance hobbies, such as coin collecting, play in creating stronger family ties and how they help bring people closer together.

If you are a grandparent who shares your hobby of coin collecting with your grandchild or grandchildren, and you want to share your story with The London Mint Office, you can contact Scott Wilson-Evans at scott.wilson-evans@londonmintoffice.org or call 0330 024 1001.

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