The London Mint Office Golden Giveaway: Enter Now

Got those post summer blues? Don’t worry because we have the perfect remedy! After our recent £1000 giveaway we had so much fun we are now back with another prize… a GOLDEN one!

Also, The London Mint Office are excited to be giving away a Battle of Britain Solid Gold Spitfire Commemorative. Officially issued by the RAF Association, to mark the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain, the Solid Gold Spitfire Commemorative celebrates the decisive role played by the Spitfire in saving Britain from certain invasion.

Battle of Britain Golden Spitfire Commemorative
The Battle of Britain Golden Spitfire Commemorative

The competition opens Friday 1st of September  and close Friday 22nd of September. This is the very first time The London Mint Office has given away a golden piece of History.

For your chance to win head to :

Good Luck!



  1. looks to good to be true,but because its from the LONDON MINT OFFICE it must be true. So I will give it a try,even though I rarely win anything. So here goes.

  2. I’m an RAF Veteran myself, It would be magnificent if I were fortunate enough to be given this wonderful coin. (Per Ardua Ad Astra)

  3. When you see such an example of coinage it makes you envious of the amount of such exmples in Britain as against other countries, which are so plain

  4. Wow! How exciting I’d love to be your lucky ? winner thanks for such a generous giveaway #LondonMinted ??? good luck everyone ❤️

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