How Well Do You Know Churchill?

On the 13th May 1940 Winston Churchill made his first Speech as Prime Minister to the House of Commons. He said "I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat", in what becomes one of his most his most memorable speeches even today. But just how well do you know the man voted The Greatest Briton? Take our quiz to find out! 

Which of the following statements is true about Winston Churchill?

1. he was a politician
2. he was a historian
3. he was a prime minister
4. all of the above

Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill was an army officer, writer, historian and British politician becoming Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. 


Winston Churchill is known for leading Great Britain during what war?

1. Hundred Years War
2. Crimean War
3. World War I
4. World War II

Churchill is best known for standing up to the Germans in World War II. Soon after becoming Prime Minister, Germany invaded France and Britain was alone in Europe fighting Hitler. Churchill inspired the country to keep fighting despite the bad circumstances. He also helped to forge an alliance of Allied Powers.

What position did Winston Churchill hold when World War II began?

1. Secretary of State for Justice
2. Attorney General
3. First Lord of the Admiralty
4. He held no public position at the time

Over the years Churchill served our government as President of the Board of Trade, Home Secretary, First Lord of the Admiralty, Minister of Munitions, Secretary of State for War, Secretary of State for Air, Secretary of State for the Colonies, Chancellor of the Exchequer and of course Prime Minister!

True or False: Churchill had a heart attack during World War II in 1941.

1. True
2. False

Churchill was not healthy during World War II. He had a heart attack in 1941 and pneumonia in 1943

During what period was Churchill prime minister?

1. 1945-51
2. 1951-55
3. 1955-57
4. 1957-63

Churchill was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from October 1951 to April 1955

What political party did Churchill lead when he was prime minister?

1. Labour
2. Liberal National
3. Conservative
4. Communist

Ideologically an economic liberal and imperialist, Churchill was for most of his career a member of the Conservative Party, as leader from October 1940 to April 1955 during which time he was prime minister

True or False? Winston Churchill served twice as prime minister.

1. True
2. False

Its true! Churchill was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from May 1940 to July 1945, when he led the country to victory in the Second World War, and again from October 1951 to April 1955

Which Department of state did Winston Churchill create on becoming prime minister in 1940?

1. The Ministry of Defence
2. The Ministry of War
3. The Ministry of Trade
4. The Ministry of The Armed Services

Winston Churchill, on forming his government in 1940, created the office of Minister of Defence to co-ordinate defence matters. The post was held by the Prime Minister of the day until Clement Attlee's government introduced the Ministry of Defence Act of 1946

Churchill allied Great Britain with what two major world powers to defeat Hitler and Germany?

1. France and Denmark
2. Italy and Spain
3. Soviet Union and the United States
4. Spain and the United States

Churchill helped to forge an alliance of Allied Powers with the Soviet Union and the United States. Even though he did not like Joseph Stalin and the communists of the Soviet Union, he knew the Allies needed their help to fight Germany. With the Allies help, and Winston's leadership, the British were able to hold off Hitler.

What year did Churchill deliver his famous "We will fight on the beaches" speech?

1. 1939
2. 1940
3. 1941
4. 1943

"We Shall Fight on the Beaches" is a common title given to a speech delivered by Winston Churchill to the House of Commons on 4 June 1940. In this speech, Churchill had to describe a great military disaster, and warn of a possible invasion attempt by the Nazis, without casting doubt on eventual victory.

Churchill was captured and taken prisoner during which war?

1. The Civil War
2. The Boer War
3. World War I
4. The Gulf War

Churchill travelled to many places while with the military and worked as a newspaper correspondent, writing stories about battles and being in the military.  While in South Africa during the Second Boer War, Winston Churchill was captured and became a Prisoner of War.

What heroic deed did Winston Churchill perform during the Second Boer War?

1. He escaped capture and traveled 300 miles to freedom
2. He smuggled secret codes across enemy lines
3. He assassinated the leader of the enemy
4. He was a spy who discovered enemy troops near the border

After being captured, Churchill managed to escape from prison and travelled some 300 miles to be rescued. As a result, he became something of a hero in Britain for a while.

Winston Churchill was named honourary citizen of which country?

1. Sweden
2. Denmark
3. France
4. The United States

Churchill was named an honorary citizen of the United States in 1963. The former British prime minister and staunch American ally during World War II was the first foreign national to receive honorary United States citizenship.

True or False: Winston Churchill was also a writer who won the Nobel Prize for literature.

1. True
2. False

The Nobel Prize in Literature 1953 was awarded to Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill "for his mastery of historical and biographical description as well as for brilliant oratory in defending exalted human values."

How many children did Winston Churchill have?

1. 4
2. 5
3. 6
4. 7

Churchill married Clementine Hozier in September 1908. They remained married for 57 years and together had 5 children. The Churchills' first child, Diana, was born in July 1909; the second, Randolph, in May 1911. Their third, Sarah, was born in October 1914, and their fourth, Marigold, in November 1918. Marigold sadly died of sepsis in August 1921. On 15 September 1922, the Churchills' last child, Mary, was born.

In what year did Churchill die?

1. 1965
2. 1975
3. 1985
4. 1995

On 15 January 1965, Churchill suffered a severe stroke and died at his London home nine days later, aged 90, on the morning of Sunday, 24 January 1965, 70 years to the day after his father's death. His was the largest state funeral in history, it featured representatives from 112 nations. 350 million people, including 25 million in Britain, watched the funeral on television.

True or False: After his death The Queen approved the production of a coin featuring Churchill, even though no UK coin had ever depicted any person outside the Royal family before

1. True
2. False

In 1965, a Crown was issued to honour the life of Sir Winston Churchill. Prior to this issue, no United Kingdom coin had ever depicted any person outside the Royal family. Understandably, the 1965 Sir Winston Churchill Crown was, and remains, a hugely popular issue and a staple of any British coin collection. This first of its kind - a piece of numismatic history! To this day Churchill remains one of only three people to have been commemorated on a coin within a year of their death – quite the honour!

During a letter to Churchill a text abbreviation was used for the very first time recorded. What was it?

1. OMG
3. LOL
4. BRB

The first known use of the term OMG (Oh! My! God!) was in a 1917 letter from Lord Fisher to Winston Churchill.

Churchill had a love for cigars, so much so he had one named after him. What was it called?

1. The Churchill Cigar
2. The Winston Smoker
3. The Bulldog Cigar
4. The Sir Winston Cigar

The Churchill cigar is indeed named for one of the most iconic cigar lovers in all of history, Sir Winston Churchill. A cigar dropped by Winston Churchill at the London Coliseum in 1953 and then picked up and kept by an usherette once sold for £4,800 at auction!

In which year did BBC viewers vote for Churchill as the greatest of all Britons?

1. 2009
2. 2010
3. 2005
4. 2002

100 Greatest Britons was a television series that was broadcast by the BBC in 2002. It was based on a television poll conducted to determine who the British people at that time considered the greatest Britons in history. Winston Churchill was voted the greatest Briton ever in a much-awaited result of the BBC poll which had seen the nation engaged in passionate debate. Over six weeks the great debate generated more than one and a half million votes.

All 20 questions completed!

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