How well do you know Queen Victoria?

Queen Victoria is one of the most enduring icons of British culture and history; a paragon of the innovation that came with the Victorian Age (her namesake) and the height of the British Empire, on which, it was said, the sun would never set. 

But just how well do you know Queen Victoria? From her isolated childhood, marital bliss and tragic losses, 

Who was Queen Victora's companion after Prince Albert's death?

1. John Brown
2. Tom Hughes
3. Lord Melbourne
4. Sir John Williams

It's John Brown!

John Brown was an attendant at Queen Victoria's Scottish home of Balmoral. In the years ensuing Albert's death, he became the Queen's 'Highland Servant,' and rumours still abound today over their relationship.

How many Prime Ministers did Victoria have?

1. 15
2. 5
3. 32
4. 20

Victoria had 20 prime ministers throughout her reign

Throughout her long reign, Queen Victoria had an equally long list of Prime Ministers reporting to her. Most famously, perhaps, is her relationship with her first Prime Minister, Lord Melbourne, and her contentious relationship with Gladstone. 

What relation is Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth II?

1. Great-great grandmother
2. Great aunt
3. Grandmother
4. Second cousin

Queen Victoria is Elizabeth II's great-great grandmother

Queen Elizabeth II is the daughter of King George VI, whose grandfather was Victoria's first son, King Edward VII, making Victoria Elizabeth's great-great grandmother.

What was Queen Victoria's first name?

1. Simone
2. Alexandrina
3. Elizabeth
4. Victoria

Queen Victoria's first name was actually Alexandrina

At birth, Victoria was christened Alexandrina Victoria. Upon ascending to the throne, she chose Victoria (her mother's name) as her moniker. 

Where was Queen Victoria raised?

1. Balmoral
2. Kensington Palace
3. Buckingham Palace
4. The Crysral Palace

Queen Victoria was raised in Kensington Palace

Raised by her mother, also Princess Victoria, and Sir John Conroy, the so-called 'Kensington System' was a series of rigid rules and regulations Victoria lived under during her youth. 

How long was Victoria's reign?

1. 45 years
2. 64 years
3. 21 years
4. 70 years

Victoria reigned for 64 years

Up until our own Queen surpassed this record, celebrating her 66nd year on the throne last year, Victoria was the longest=reigning monarch in British history. 

What year did Queen Victoria die?

1. 1888
2. 1912
3. 1901
4. 1895

Queen Victoria died in 1901

Queen Victoria died in 1901, at the age of 81, whilst staying at Osborne House on the Isle of Wight,. She would be buried alongside her husband, Prince Albert.

What year was Queen Victoria born?

1. 1784
2. 1801
3. 1795
4. 1819

Queen Victoria was born in 1819

Born in 1819, Queen Victoria was the daughter of Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and Strathearn, the son of King George III. At the time of her birth, she was fifth in line to the throne. 

How many children did Queen Victoria have?

1. Seven
2. Four
3. Nine
4. One

Queen Victoria had 9 children

Between 1840 - 1857, Queen Victoria gave birth to nine children; Victoria, Albert (the future King Edward VI), Alice, Alfred, Helena, Louise, Arthur, Leopold and Beatrice.

How old was Queen Victoria when she was married?

1. 17
2. 22
3. 21
4. 45

Queen Victoria was 21 when she married Prince Albert

Queen Victoria was 21 when she married Prince Albert, having ascended to the throne when she was 18. The wedding actually took place around 4 years since the two first met, with Victoria then commenting that Albert had "the most pleasant and delightful exterior," but was determined not to rush into marriage.

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